The shirts

The method of artisanal respecting traditional tailoring techniques are the basis of our production of shirts; the care and attention to details are the principles that inspire our daily work.

The Cutting Hand

To create a tailored shirt fabric every part is cut by hand.

The Stitches

A high-quality shirt has at least 7 points stitching per cm. The high density of points ensures higher quality and greater resistance to deterioration.

The Seams

Best shirts in the parts are joined by two seams, which are sewn to a needle and repeated in a needle on the other, with the so-called rewriting. The fabric is so survives over time to working stresses more stressful and not shrinks.

The Tissue

Cotton shirts or natural fibres, guaranteeing a pleasant contact with skin and a softness that increases with the use, enhanced breathability, resistance to washing and sealing of color.

The Buttons

Buttons are an important sign of quality. The best and most elegant are mother of Pearl, with a thickness of 2/3 mm diameter and variable, the smaller the neck and cuffs, greater than that of the cannon. The seam is cross-tailoring and implementation.

The Interiors

The interiors of collar and cuffs should be cotton or cloth shirt, thereby shrinking the tissue eventually occurs evenly. The interiors are best glued with a glue that guarantees a perfect adhesion to the Outer fabric

The Stitching

The presence of the stitching in the armhole is an indication of a product tailored made with care. The stitching makes the fabric stronger changes and sagging due to washing and ironing.

The Collars