Emilio De Luca’s Style in The World

Today, the valuable garments produced in the laboratory of Cercola, (Naples district) are present in the most important boutiques of the 5 continents, from New York to Miami, in Washington , from London to Paris, from Berlin to Moscow, via Miami, also Japan. Moreover, precisinely because of those experiential and emotional meanings featuring the concept of luxury shared by the Emilio and  his close associates, the Neapolitan brand periodically organises the now popular and highly awaited “tailoring days” around the world.


 Within an involving setting created to recall the atmosphere of the atelier  in Naples,Emilio and his close collaborators lead customers through the tough choice of styles and fabrics, later through the liturgy of measurements for those experts who cannot do without the charm of tailored suits, jackets, coats, shirts, and ties. Who has been lucky enough to take part in these events has experienced such unique atmosphere. Fascination full of elegance and simplicity, an aware and never fake sophisticated style. These are the values and styles that have conquered many tasteful men and important personalities in International politics and diplomacy, art and culture, finance, as well as the star system.

Handmade Production

It is easy to spot in tailoring knowledge, meant as the quintessence of technique and style, the epitome of professionalism in the Neapolitan brand. Leadership provided by Emilio , who tightly holds to his parents  teachings and to the wide range of highly conserved models, has made it possible to fully achieve the best of handmade highly refined clothing.


 The ability to maintain such patrimony lively and without uncertainties inevitably goes through the almost religious repetition of movements that, generation after generation, have had the strength to write the history of Neapolitan and International tailoring.


The executive expressiveness of chief Emilio De Luca  is close to art: we need 25 to 30 hours to make a suit. Each tailor is dedicated to a single step. Cutting techniques are absolutely unique. Each sewing step is followed by a passage of ironing, followed in turn by specific periods of rest, which vary according to the characteristics of the fabric. Highly strict control of all stages, that begins with verification to receipt of textiles.


Any imperfection, even microscopic, conditions the ever sought perfection. Each department manager is responsible for checking all main points of the jacket. We proceed with the intermediate testing and inspection after each phase of ironing. Then the garment stands still for several hours, for us to assess its reactions and to make any small changes. Only this thoroughness of execution and control of handmade production processes can ensure the absolute quality, which is unparalleled, and has always been a source of pride for those who produce and, even more, for those who wear garments labelled Emilio and his team.